Company profile

We are a Thailand company with over 10 years experience manufacturing portable electric wall chasing machines. Such specialization has allowed us to become the leading brand in the industry where we are known for our top quality, reliable and innovative products.

Our solid foundations and proven experience in the Thailand market have allowed us to successfully expand at an international level based on building close relationship with distributors, customers and technical service centres.

Currently the RUBYSHOP brand is present . Despite being quite different markets they all have a common feature: The need to save cost & time in construction projects by performing faster and cleaner chases in walls and partition walls.

At our R&D department we work tirelessly to improve our product’s performance making the hard labour of the chasing job easier for our customers and end-users. We take pride in being flexible in attending to all our customer’s needs.

This web-site is a close & fast tool to enable customers and clients alike to find information and resources about us and our products. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.